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Video Podcasting. What is it and why should you try it?

Video podcasting, the new future of podcasts? If you have been working in Digital Media these last few years, then you have probably heard the common phrase “people love to SEE people”. Whilst you may think visuals is something podcasts are lacking, it's not necessarily the case. Video podcasting allows you to combine both visuals and audio. You can create something that repurposable, will engage a different type of audience and will give your content versatility.


It’s important you know the ins and outs of video podcasts. Nearly every popular podcast out there also comes with a video, so you gotta keep up! Keep reading to find out what a video podcast is and how it can help you to make one. 

What is Video Podcasting?

To put it simply, video podcasting is a normal audio podcast with some visuals on top. You can get as creative as you want with these visuals. For example, a real-time video of the podcast, animation or audiograms. 

Basically, by creating a video to go alongside your podcast, you are creating content that is versatile and therefore audience friendly. Your audience will be able to absorb your podcast in any way they like, whether that’s for accessibility reasons or just their own personal preference. 

Overall, video podcasting will gain you new audiences that can enjoy your content in any way they like – the perfect combination! 

Why is it better than just using audio?

A variety of factors can impact whether or not you should have either an audio-only or video podcast. Such as your podcast’s intent and your platform of choice. The main advantage you have with video podcasting is that your viewers will now be fully engaged with your content, whilst with only audio they may be multitasking. This is actually seen as a positive for audio-only content, as it provides convenience for the listener. However, if full engagement is what you’re looking for, video podcasting is for you. 

Repurposing opportunities

It is a huge advantage to make content that can be repurposed anywhere. Video can get you maximum engagement on nearly all platforms. Ultimately, People love people. Your audience wants to see people moving and talking in real-time, someone to relate to and remember. The one video podcast you make could be spread to Instagram; LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Reddit – Literally everywhere! Not only will this save you A LOT of extra time but you will also be engaging your audience in multiple ways. 

Increase Engagement

Video Podcasting can help build a deeper connection with your audience, they get to see your face and engage with your personality on a deeper level. Overall, the more people feel like they know you, the more they will want to engage with your content. 

An interesting factor that can happen with video podcasting is that your audience may actually repurpose your content for you. It has become a frequent trend for fans to take clips of their favourite podcasts and post them everywhere, whether it’s to make a certain funny comment a trend or to celebrate something they liked about the podcast. 

Audience engagement is key to the long-lasting growth of a podcast, so if there’s anything that can help you grow engagement, do it!

Build trust

Video podcasting allows you to come across as more relatable and more accessible. Once your audience gets to know your facial expressions and body language, they will feel more like they know you personally. This is great if you ever want sponsorship, the ability to be able to sell to your audience is an amazing asset. 

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