How to promote your podcast on TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms right now, so you would be stupid to not utilise it in some way. The app has been downloaded a total of three billion times worldwide, and it is the app most used by Gen Z. Unmistakably, it is also the easiest platform to go viral on due to its discovery over following the ‘for you page’ format.

Podcasts are big on TikTok. For example, the podcast ‘Saving Grace’ by TikToker Grace Barry receives 1.2 million views on the clips they put onto the podcast. There are multiple ways to promote your podcast on TikTok, and ways that can be repurposed into other platforms as well. 

Sneak Peaks

It’s simple really, take some of the most interesting quotes or facts from your podcast and put them into a video that entices your audience to want to watch the rest before it is even out. This method provides the opportunity to get creative with your video editing and lay down the tone of your video. 

Additionally, it provides entertainment for your TikTok viewers that should eventually lead to them actually watching the whole podcast. For a while, your TikTok audience will probably just watch these funny videos you’re putting out. However, that will eventually shift to them heading to your podcast platform the more they see and engage with you. 

Takeaway Clips

Takeaway clips are probably the most used format of promotion on TikTok. It’s a nice way to tease your podcast without having to do a whole lot of editing. This works especially well with interview-style podcasts, it allows you to really show off your guest and the relationships you have with them on multiple platforms. 

It’s important with this type of content to make sure the set you’re filming in is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. You need to catch your audience’s attention in the first three seconds of them watching your TikTok. The way to do this is through dramatic captions, bright colours and even just something slightly odd. 

Tips and Tricks

Is there anything you can teach about your topic or even just about podcasts? The best way to engage an audience is to give them something that will benefit them. Your audience will want to come back to your account and therefore be exposed more and more to your podcast. This is another format where you can get very creative with the editing. There’s lots of room for interesting text formats, engaging images and fun topics. 

This method would take a bit more effort, as you may find you will have to make most of the videos from scratch rather than just repurposing your podcast. However, there is a lot to benefit from it. 

Repurpose from other platforms

Have an amazing reel on Instagram? A crazy video on youtube? Stick that on the TikTok. Not only will this save you time but you will find that you already have engaging and interesting content that would do well on TikTok. 

Do beware of the TikTok algorithm, it does tend to favour content that is edited on TikTok. There is a way around it. All algorithms do is separate spam for ‘worthy’ content, so if you can convince the algorithm that your repurposed work is not spam, whether that be through the sound, the hashtags, the caption or whatever – you’re sorted.



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