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Promote old podcast episodes: how and when?

If you've got a decent following and/or traction on newly released content, you should certainly think about your ability to promote old podcast episodes. If you have a large and loyal following, they will probably appreciate any new content you share with them, no matter when it was originally published. But if you’re just starting or your podcast isn’t that well-known yet, you might want to focus on promoting your newer episodes and save the old ones for a later date.

It’s important to promote your old podcast episodes to new listeners; the more they listen, the more likely they will be to subscribe to your show. More subscribers and online engagement will make you more attractive to potential advertisers if you’re looking for sponsorships and affiliate partnerships.

But how and when should you promote old podcast episodes? This blog covers what you need to know.

1. At the end of a newly recorded episode

You can and should consistently promote old podcast episodes during the production of new ones, to constantly point people towards previous content. 

Make sure to mention your last podcast episode in the microphone before wrapping up your latest one. This shoutout can go a long way for newer audiences that have just stumbled on your show, and in this way you can promote old podcast episodes without relying on social media or other more direct marketing methods.

2. When you have a follow-up episode ready

If you’re not completely new to podcasting, you may have a content bank of old episodes or a series that either didn’t do too well, or needs a new promotional push.

If you post a follow-up episode to a previous podcast episode, you should promote the older episode on your social media before and after posting about the new episode. This will help new listeners catch up on the content and topics of the older episode, supplying a back story so they’re up to date before diving into the new one. Your more loyal fans may also revisit old episodes in this way.

3. For an anniversary, event or topic related to your series

Podcasts are a great way to share your own or the stories of your guests. If you have a favourite episode you released 6 months or a year ago, let your audience know so they can enjoy it again too. This also works for particular podcast topics; say your newest episode is only your second on a certain subject, point listeners back towards the first so they can learn more about it.

This will of course attract new listeners, and is therefore a great way to promote old podcast episodes. You can also use anniversaries and holidays to promote and feature particular guests on your show, so keep records of these important dates to use in the future.

4. When current events are topical

This has already been touched on, but it’s important to reiterate that paying attention to current events is important for podcasters – to relay society’s sentiments in their podcast episodes. This will make your episodes more relevant and engaging for listeners. 

Podcasters should also stay up to date with pop culture trends to find ways to connect their episodes to trending topics. Stay on the lookout for the latest trends, and use them to remind your audience to check out an older episode that may have covered the topic in question. 

5. Whenever you want

The truth is, you don’t need a good reason to promote old podcast episodes – you can do it any time. There’s nothing wrong with posting about the same thing more than once, and as long as you make each post slightly different, your audience won’t mind.

The same applies to in-episode promotion; as mentioned, this is far more palatable than direct podcast marketing, so shout out your old episodes anytime you want. Why not? It’s your show, after all.

Choose wisely!

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to promote your old podcast episodes. Promoting old episodes can help bring in new listeners if your podcast is still relevant and popular. But if your podcast is no longer being listened to, promoting old episodes is likely to waste time, and you could better funnelling resources elsewhere to build your podcast brand’s credibility. 

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