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Podcast Myths That Need Debunking

If you’re new to podcasting, you’re probably under the impression that the whole process is too complicated, time-consuming and not ultimately worth the hassle. On the contrary, if you’ve podcasted before, you’ll know that the statements you hear about podcasting are nothing more than podcast myths. We feel it’s important to point out the misinformation around podcasting for fun or as a brand activation tool, and debunk some of the assertions that tend to put people off making a series. So without further ado, let’s get into the podcast myths that need debunking.
  • Podcasting is difficult 

For most people, one of the most off-putting things about podcasting seems to be the perceived level of difficulty – the endless thoughts about what to talk about, how to plan everything, and where to begin with it all.

In actuality, the production is easier than you think – if you have the right people doing the tricky bits. Setting up a studio, sourcing equipment and recording a show are all very doable once you know what you’re doing. After that, people alway have things to say and interesting stories to tell, so you’re unlikely to be short of topics. 

Overall, this makes creating a podcast a less daunting task that it seems; it’s about tackling a few unfamiliar things, but you’ll find with some quick Google searches – and the help of some people who know what they’re doing (that’s us!) – you’ll get to grips in no time, meaning you can focus on the fun parts. We can safely say that this podcast myth has been debunked.

  • Podcasting is expensive

Is podcasting expensive? The short answer here is yes and no; like most projects, there’ll always be an upgrade on equipment, higher-scale promotional strategies, and a larger budget necessary for creators. But to say you can’t create a great series on budget is simply another podcast myth!

The most expensive thing about podcasting is the equipment. These expenses include microphones, mixing interfaces, software, internet connection, a studio (of some sort), etc.

After that, it’s all you. 

Of course, you can employ help if you want to with pre-production planning, and the subsequent promotional and distribution efforts. But in essence, the idea that podcasting is expensive is just a podcast myth. 

  • Podcasts are not worth the hassle 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that podcasts are lots of effort for not much reward. Aside from a fun side project, creating a podcast series can seem like just too much work. The truth is that podcasts can unlock a plethora of brand activation methods, including adding authenticity, giving your business a voice and reaching massive new audiences. 

Our blog outlining ‘Four Key Ways Podcasts can Grow your Brand’ expands on these areas and explains why they are so beneficial. It clarifies that, in reality, podcasting is simple and easy. You only need to have the right tools and proper techniques in place to execute a successful series. 

If you are having a hard time podcasting, you can always learn from an individual who has experience doing it. Essentially, it’s a podcast myth that podcasting is not worth it; the manifold benefits far outweigh any inconveniences you’ll experience at first. 

  • Podcast are only made by people with big followings

One popular podcast myth people seem to believe is that podcasts are only for influencers, big brands or people with large followings online. While it’s true that popular names have turned their hands to podcasting, aided in part due to their sizeable following, there are plenty of podcasts that started from nothing and became a strong series. 

Some individuals had no followers at all, and they still have a podcast which became popular in no time. The real reasons behind a podcast gaining traction is not simply because the creator had followers; their audience wouldn’t listen to it if it were no good.

Podcast popularity is largely down to things like an excellent podcasting website, and social media promotion. You can learn much more about how to promote your podcast on social media – particularly Instagram – from the resources section of our website. 


The main takeaway here is that: yes, podcasting can be hard and confusing at first, especially if it’s your first time doing it. But like any new skill, it simply takes time and, given the right tools and research is a very viable business tool. Through podcasting, you can explore creative expression and earn money at the same time. Don’t fall victim to these podcast myths!

Remember to consider reaching out for help from professionals for your podcasting journey – there’s always someone you can learn from! Need help with podcast production? Digital Bulls is a full-service podcast agency – producing, promoting and distributing podcasts for clients world-wide. Visit our website to learn more about our service packages, the importance of podcasts as a business tool, and what we can do for the growth of your brand.

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