Podcast listeners experience

What can you do to improve your podcast listeners' experience?

You've come up with the idea. You've produced the podcast. You've grown your audience. Now what? Now you need to work on how you can improve your podcast listeners' experience even more.

Right now podcasts are extremely popular, they are currently the fastest growing media in the UK. Whilst this is definitely a good thing, it also means that you have more competition than ever. In order to get your podcast to the top, you need to focus on what your audience wants from you and what will keep them engaged. Read on to learn how you can improve your podcast listeners’ experience. 

Why is it so important to improve your podcast listeners’ experience?

The more you understand your audience, the better content you will create. Undoubtedly, If you don’t know what type of content does best; what brings in new listeners, or what keeps the current listeners, then you are bound to ultimately run out of ideas. 

It can be hard to remember when you are recording that listeners are literally only hearing the audio. What have you done to make sure they are understanding you on the level you want them to? In addition to that, there are so many little things that can ruin a listener’s experience, such as too much mouth noise, too much radio silence, a story that goes on for too long… It is important to spend time on how you feel the audience will receive the podcast on their side. Read up on our latest blog on measuring your podcast audience engagement to learn more. 


With podcasts being audio, good delivery of tone and storytelling is very important. Now, we’re not saying you have to be a professional at presenting but you do have to think carefully about how you want what you’re saying to come across and how you say it. 

Overall, it’s good to think about how conversational you want to come across as this is what will decide the tone of your podcast. Additionally, think about how you want your audience to feel while listening, will they be humoured? Saddened? Enlightened? Factors like this should affect how you deliver what you’re saying to your audience. 

Consequently, the more engaged listeners feel, the better your podcast listeners’ experience will be. Think about if what you’re saying will engage listeners enough to want to listen for more than 3 seconds, or will they turn off?


Not everyone can listen to your podcast in the same way you can. A great way to be inclusive would be to create a transcript to go with your podcast every time you put one out. Additionally, another way to be inclusive would be to create an audiogram to go with your podcast. An audiogram is a video that provides visuals and subtitles for your podcast audio. Not only will this improve your podcast listener’s experience but it will provide you with content that you can repurpose on your social media accounts. 

Descriptive Language

How much do you think your audience is able to truly envision what you are trying to tell them?

Generally, one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged and improve your podcast listeners’ experience is to be as descriptive as you can with your language. 

The more language you use, the more likely your listeners will stay engaged. Think about times you were interested in a story, was it the story itself, or the way they described it?

Good Editing

The way you edit is what will really make the difference on your podcast listeners’ experience. This is where you clean out the ums,ers and weird mouth noises, clean out any radio silence, and add atmospheric sounds or sound effects to really create the scene. 

Depending on your style, you may prefer to keep your podcast to just talking or you may want to add in music or sound effects. Either way it is important that the editing keeps your podcast quick, catchy and engaging for your listeners or you will lose them. 

Audio listeners can be very picky due to not having any visuals to distract them. Your listeners do not need to be dragged through any audio that doesn’t need to be there or audio that’s boring. Before you finish editing, think is there anything in here that I would skip over?

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