How can you monetise your podcast in 2022?

Podcasts take time and effort, and that effort costs money. So how do we start to make a profit from a podcast? If you want to monetise your podcast, there are a few simple steps that you can follow to get that extra cash. Overall, monetising your podcast is all about what your target audience wants. Basically, think about what you could do to benefit your listeners. Is there something they could learn from you, something you could make that they don't have or even just a cause that they would be interested in.  

Monetising a podcast can bring many benefits for you as a producer. Other than the extra cash, you also can increase your listener’s loyalty to the brand and make yourself more memorable. In addition to this, you could create something that will possibly engage new listeners. 


Probably the most popular way to monetise a podcast, sponsorship deals allow you to fund all of your podcast episodes without imposing on your audience. You also don’t need to have any specific amount of listens or downloads to get a sponsorship. 

In order to get a sponsorship, all you have to do is reach out to some relevant brands who match up with your brand and ask if they would want to work with you. After that is just figuring out a way of inserting the brand into your podcast. 

Only work with brands that match your values. There’s no point working with a brand that you have no interest or belief in as it will take the fun out of it for you and your listeners will notice. Additionally, make sure to add your advert in a way that your listeners will enjoy, don’t push them away by boring them! 

Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate links are basically sponsorships minus the effort. A brand will give you a link to add under bios, captions, websites, etc, and all you have to do is share it! 

Companies such as SkillShare and Amazon have affiliate programs which allow you to start earning. However, you can also go out and find your own brands.

Once again, remember we don’t want to lose any audience engagement or credibility. So only work with brands you truly believe in. 

Exclusive Content

Who doesn’t like having access to something exclusive? Some exciting subscription-based content will help to build credibility, audience trust and listener engagement. This content could be anything ranging from unreleased clips of the podcast to special episodes. 

Content like this is exciting and engaging for your audience. What better way to monetise a podcast than to create something your audience feels they cant go without having access to? 

Go Fund Me

After a while of producing podcasts and building an audience, it’s good to start asking for donations. It’s probably the least intrusive way of monetising a podcast. Instead of your audience having to listen to tons of adverts, they just hear a little mention of a donation pool. It’s something that won’t affect their listening if they do or do not donate. 

This is a great way to monetise your podcast that keeps up trust from your audience and the authenticity of your brand. 

E-Learning Workshops

What do you know that your audience may want to learn from you? It could be a special skill of yours, a hobby, or even how to build a podcast. It’s amazing how much you can utilise teaching something as a way of monetising a podcast. 

Your E-learning could be a newsletter, an email campaign, another podcast, an online masterclass plus any other original ideas you can think up. Overall, as long as it’s adding value to your audience’s experience, then you can sell it. 


Ideally, you have a loyal audience for your podcast. If you have an audience who wants a way to celebrate your podcast or promote it themselves, merchandise is the way to go! Additionally, it adds another level of fun to your podcast. You could give your audience the opportunity to buy collector items or impressive art, something that will excite them. 

This is a great way to boost the credibility and loyalty of your podcast, while also making some extra dollar on the side.


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