growing your podcast

Your podcast isn't growing as much as you hoped? Here's why.

Sometimes you get your wires crossed and your target audience doesn't love your podcast as much as you thought they would. This is fine, don't worry! Nobody said growing a podcast would be easy. Usually, all it means is that you've missed a few details in your process here and there.

We’re here to help you figure out what’s stopping your podcast from growing, that little detail that needs to be fine-tuned and updated. Read on to find what could be stopping your podcast from growing. 

Your premise is unclear

It’s easier than you think to get so excited about a podcast that you don’t think about the core message you want to portray. Your premise must be clear so that your listeners know exactly what they’re in for. A lack of a good premise could cause uncertainty or a lack of interest amongst your audience. Undoubtedly, this will stop you from growing your podcast. 

To gain a clear premise, think about what ideas and values you want your podcast to portray. Also, think about the type of genre and content that you would stick your podcast in. Stick to this premise throughout making your podcast and your core message should remain clear. 

Your intro is no good

Your hook is your most important asset. If you’re not grabbing your audience in the first 30 seconds, you don’t have them at all. While growing your podcast, you want to make sure you start with something catchy and memorable. 

You may find it easier to pre-record an intro to play at the beginning of all your episodes. Ultimately, this will make life easier for you and make sure that your intro is always interesting. 

Ineffective marketing

You’re not utilising your amazing content! How will people know about your amazing podcast if you don’t advertise it? Make sure you get the message out there, show off your excellent content and get the ball rolling on growing. 

There are many ways you could do this. Social media is an excellent option, there are so many ways you can repurpose your podcast through video, audio grams or graphics. 

Read up on how you can market your podcast here. 

You’re focusing too much on the wrong thing

It can be easy to hyper-focus too much on one thing. For example, you could do loads of work on how much your streams and downloads increase but you could be forgetting to improve on the actual content. (or vice versa!). Make sure to give every bit of your podcast attention or assign different team members to various tasks. 

It’s good to work on something till it is perfect. But then also remember to move on to the next improvement! This will help in growing your podcast. 

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