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Choosing your Podcast Distributor...

A podcast distributor is defined as a listening platform – like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify – that allows your podcast to reach larger audiences. Simply put, podcast distribution (and distributors) help far more people find your show than if you were to self-distribute. Let’s look at the main podcast distributors and directories you can get your podcast listed on to have your series growing at a rate you’ve never seen before.

Apple Podcasts

Formerly known as iTunes, this podcast distributor launched in 2005 and has been setting the pace since then. Becoming the most widely used podcast directory worldwide, it used to only be a section in the iTunes app. With the rise of podcasts and digital audio content, it went on to stand alone as Apple Podcasts. 

Apple Podcasts is the home of some of the biggest series today. The great advantage of this podcast distributor is that it’s found on billions of peoples’ smartphones – the iPhone. For some people, it is what marks the height of podcast distribution.

To get your podcast on Apple podcasts, you have first to publish your podcast to a hosting platform, then find your podcast RSS feed. Then you’ll need to create a new Apple ID, and log into Apple Podcasts connect to add a new podcast series


Spotify is growing fast, and it is increasing in popularity by the day. It has over 270M active monthly users, and it is an excellent platform for all forms of audio content. Spotify recently expanded its reach, acquiring hosting platforms Anchor and Gimlet Media. You get a massive audience for your podcast if you get it on this podcast distributor. 

To get your podcast on Spotify, you have to make sure that it matches Spotify’s requirements. After creating an account, enter your RSS feed as with other platforms and then verify ownership of your podcast series. 

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts launched in 2019, and became the only way listeners get to listen to podcast shows on the Google platform after the Google Play Music app went away. Google Podcasts makes podcasters’ jobs more comfortable, as it collects podcast content automatically via the web. 

Podcast episodes now appear on Google search results which means your show’s chance of being discovered has increased. Google Podcasts also offers a great range of tailored picks for users – and is ad-free.

Though useful, Google Podcasts is not the no. 1 distributor for Android users, mainly because it was late to the party as a native podcast directory. Nevertheless, to get your podcast listed on the Google Podcast directory, submit your show’s RSS feed to Google, then claim your show on Google Podcast manager. Google will sync your RSS feed to the one you submitted earlier (meaning you have to re-enter it). 


Before the conception of Google Podcasts, Stitcher was the go-to podcast distributor for Android users, as Apple users had he pre-installed Apple Podcasts. Stitcher has a considerable number of people that use it to date. It grew a solid base of users and content from being the original alternative to Apple Podcasts. 

Stitcher has great features that help you know how well your podcast is performing. You’ll also find the Stitcher app in over fifty car models, since it works in vehicles that use Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay. If your show is the type people listen to while driving, you’ll definitely want to get it on Stitcher. 

To get your podcast on Stitcher, ensure that it matches Stitcher’s requirements. Enter your podcast’s RSS feed link, and follow the steps you’re familiar with by now. Finally, add a Stitcher subscribe button to your podcast website. 


The podcast distributor Podchaser is enormous for the level of the podcast database it has. As your listeners rate your show, new listeners will have a better chance of finding your content. 

You can create a profile for each podcast so that every user can see information about the podcast, from the episodes to statistics and reviews. There is also space for info about the podcast yourself as the podcast creator.

As usual, to get your podcast on here, create a Podbean profile and submit your RSS feed link.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is an app partly owned by NPR. Streaming on the app is free for both iOS and Android users, and they have a hand-curated list for the top podcast shows in the whole directory. 

Pocket Casts is excellent for listeners as it comes with the best features of the othe top podcast apps – things like the automatic download of new episodes and easy discovery of the best podcast shows. 

To get your podcast on Pocket Casts, you have to visit their website and submit your RSS feed link. Keep in mind that it could take up to 12 hours for your podcast to appear on their search engine.


With a listener base of 75 million, TuneIn is partly a radio platform (but also podcast distributor), increasing in popularity among avid podcast listeners. It has an extensive directory and is a great option as a podcast distributor.

Submit your RSS feed link on their submission page


iHeartRadio is a renowned podcast distributor and radio streaming service, perhaps more popular among the older generation for the latter reason. It has a weekly chart for top podcast series where they recommend podcasts for listeners. 

To get your podcast on iHeartRadio, go to the submission page on iHeartRadio, and fill in your details including your RSS feed link.


At this point, you should know more than you did before about podcast distribution, how podcasts are distributed, and your options when picking a podcast distributor (s). Remember, this is not an exhaustive list – rather some of the best and most creditable options.

Getting your podcast in the top directories can be a valuable tool to build and scale your brand. Need help with podcast distribution? Digital Bulls is a full-service podcast agency – producing, promoting and distributing podcasts for clients world-wide. Visit our website to learn more about our service packages, the importance of podcasts as a business tool, and what we can do for the growth of your brand. 

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