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5 Facts about Podcasts that will leave your mind blown

How many facts about podcasts do you know? Over the past few years, the popularity of podcasts has grown massively. There are 21.1 million podcast listeners in the UK alone! However, how much do we know about how it started, what inspired it and all the little things in between? Read on to learn Facts about Podcasts that will blow your mind.
Podcasts have become a mainstream format of content over the last ten years. But what are the weird and wonderful steps that led to this big content giant?
Twitter was originally a failed podcast platform

Evan Williams, one of the co-founders of twitter, tried to develop a platform specifically for podcasts. He planned to call it Odeo and he hoped it would be a speech – to – podcast converter. Unfortunately, the project struggled and failed, so Williams and his team tried something else. That something else ended up being one of the biggest social networks in the world. 

It’s hard to not think about what could have happened though. If his original platform did succeed, what would podcasts be like now? Guess we’ll never know!

British Comedian Ricky Gervais produced the first ever podcast

Ricky Gervais hosted the very first podcast channel, he named it ‘The Ricky Gervais Show’.

The show accumulated 260000 downloads in its first week. Unsurprisingly, the show was announced as the most downloaded podcast in 2007. 

The iPod inspired the name ‘Podcast’

Apple were the first to actually integrate the term into their technology, by naming a feature on their iPod as ‘Podcasts’. Microsoft wasn’t too happy about this and even tried to incorporate a new term ‘BlogCasting’ but ultimately the term Podcast stuck. 

‘Word of Mouth’ is still the best way to promote a podcast

The best way to promote a podcast is still just to get people talking about it. So if you want your podcast out there, make sure it’s something people will want to chat about!

Over £74 million will be spent on podcast advertising in 2024.

Podcasts have done nothing but rise in popularity and will continue to do so. Undoubtedly, more and more businesses will start to invest in podcasts as it becomes mainstream content. Learn how to create a podcast using our five-step checklist. 

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