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Not enough people seeing your brand?

If you’ve heard that podcasts are a great way to reach an audience in an authentic way - you're right...

That’s because podcasts give you the chance to build unique, personal connections with those who come across your brand – in a way that standard marketing campaigns don’t offer.

But podcasting all by yourself is a hassle, right? So let us take the work out of it for you.

In our lightning-paced society where attention spans are fleeting,

capturing interest is imperative.


We're a winning team of content creators, designers, marketing experts, & audio-visual engineers

Digital Bulls is a full-service podcast production & promotion agency serving businesses, brands and personalities across a number of sectors.

We’ve been producing successful, high-conversion podcasts for a number of years, and boast a passionate team of audio production and marketing professionals ready to get your brand in front of new ears.  

Launching out of the music industry, we have decades of experience in audio content planning, creation and promotion – now lending our audio marketing expertise to brands and businesses looking to increase their exposure.

With years of experience executing cut-through digital marketing campaigns, we guarantee to have more people seeing and hearing your brand than ever before.

"Podcasting is a team sport!"

Digital Bulls develops, produces and distributes podcasts of all genres and formats – from conversations and interviews to storytelling, documentary and scripted fiction.

From deciding on a creative format, planning, researching, finding the perfect presenter and sourcing guests, to recording, editing, and distributing your podcast – we have you covered.

With years of experience executing cut-through digital marketing campaigns, we successfully distribute and promote podcasts to all major streaming platforms.

We know the audio production industry inside out – it’s what we do. So whichever part of the podcast process you need help with, Digital Bulls is your winning team.

14.6 million

The number of UK podcast listeners during 2021 – a substantial rise of 19.7% compared with the previous year


Of podcast listeners have acted on a brand message they’ve heard from a podcast

20 minutes

The time a podcast holds the attention of the listener’s ear


Planning & Strategy

  • Develop unique ideas, creative formats and original concepts with one of our a podcast experts
  • Identify your target audience
  • Find your sonic identity
  • Map out your game-plan for a successful series

Production & editing

  • Research topics and content for each episode
  • Find the perfect presenter to host
  • Secure and schedule your ideal guests
  • Record audio and video with our experienced production team
  • Your audio is edited, balanced, and mixed to professional standard
  • Bespoke intro and outro music editing to add to the episode

Branding & promotion

  • Build your podcasts branding
  • Social media promotion (custom social media posts/stories)
  • Executing targeted PR campaigns to make sure your podcast gets to the right audience
  • Designing the look of your episode artwork for platforms

free distribution of every podcast

Plus many other podcast streaming platforms completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Who we work with





Discussing your goals with our digital marketing consultants, we’ll formulate a plan for your podcast series – creative format, topics and overall aims. You may already have an idea, or just need help identifying your target audience. You may want us to lead this part of the project fully – it’s completely up to you.


After establishing a clear game-plan, your podcast will be filmed and recorded by an experienced production team, then sent to our editing professionals for industry-standard post-production. During this, we can schedule hosts and guests to navigate your episodes at your discretion. Oh, and if you’d prefer, we can also send equipment directly to you.


We’ll check in with you to make sure we’re still on the right track – ensuring that your podcast looks, feels and sounds the way you want. This is your chance to discuss any problems with format, structure, guests, topics, visuals, editing styles, or anything you’re not sure about. Rest assured if something isn't right, your podcast won’t go out.


Our team of marketing professionals will get your content in front of your audience. We’ll coordinate targeted PR and social media campaigns with custom posts and stories to promote your series, and distribute to all major (and minor) streaming platforms. We’ll emphasise the audio-visual virtues of your new content by designing episode artwork to be displayed on each platform.